Solve Inconsistent Attention to Social Media

One of the most common problems that happens when small companies or independent professionals start to use social media is an inconsistent level of engagement. One day, there will be a flurry of 40 tweets, 6 posts on Facebook, and 2 on LinkedIn, and then for the next week, nothing will happen. That is not the way to build an audience. To get a consistent audience that engages with their content, they need to trust that you will not disappear after a week, and so you need to build a reputation with them.

1) Twitter marketing assistance: Ideal number of tweets = 17 per day. Have your assistant research the top eight most interesting articles for that day. If you have created any new content for that day, they’ll tweet the link four times throughout the day. The rest of the content will be filled in with relevant quotes from industry experts, and re-tweeting from people who you would like to engage with.

2) Facebook marketing assistance: Ideal number of posts = 1 per day. Facebook thrives on sharing content, and that is the ultimate goal of posting content. While getting a lot of “likes” can give you a good reputation, you don’t reach a new audience. Your assistant can choose the most engaging content, and post it at the ideal time for your audience. That wil always be new content if you’ve posted any, but if there’s no new content, they may take an industry quote, put it in a graphical form, and post that, as images generally receive the most shares.

3) LinkedIn marketing assistance: Ideal number of posts = 1 per day. LinkedIn is very similar to Facebook, but is unique in that a higher level of professionalism is required. Images will not be shared nearly as much as industry news articles, professional advice, or business tips. Your assistant will always post new content if you’re created any, but otherwise, they will select the best news or advice article from that day and share that.

There are many other social networks that each have their own strategies, but these three are the major networks that will result in the most traffic and hits. By hiring an assistant to take care of your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn marketing assistance, you will start consistently sharing content and building a real audience for your company.