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Virtual Assistants

Hire an assistant with a broad business background that you can delegate a wide range of tasks to. Starting at $9.99 per hour.

Specific Expertise

Looking for a graphic designer, programmer, writer, manager, or marketing expert? We’ll connect you with an expert in their field.

Custom Recruiting

We’ll work with you to create a full job description for the person you need, and then we’ll find the right fit from anywhere in the world.

Quantifiable Results

All our staff are responsible for daily measurement of their performance, so that you can quantify the output of your team compared to your investment.

Your Success is Their Success

Strong personal relationships are key to successful virtual and cross cultural working teams. By investing into those relationships, your Twassistnat staff will develop strong loyalty and a desire to see your company succeed.

The Right Fit is an Easy Fit

Our recruiting team has four stages of pre-screening to check that your new team member is qualified, experienced, competent, has performed well in other positions, and will not have any technology issues. As a result, your first experience with your team member will be a hassle-free, productive time without any communication, technological, or time zone barriers.

Grow Even Faster

Take advantage of the free ongoing education and resources that we provide to our clients, focused on helping you have a successful and productive working relationship with your team.

International Teams Transforming Recruiting Firms

Here are a few insights we’ve gathered on how international teams are transforming staffing firms.

Virtual Assistants in Today’s Digital Age

The evolution of a new breed of professionals: Virtual Assistants

Develop Your Cultural Intelligence

Developing one’s cultural intelligence is a process that removes oneself from his/her ethnocentric tendencies.

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