Our Social Responsibility Commitment

Twassistant is committed to making what the world can do accessible. We believe that making the world accessible is an economically sound and socially responsible idea. By allowing for greater transactional freedom around the globe, our people have unheard-of opportunity for security and self-actualization. Global equality and social justice are at the core of who we are.

Principles First

Always do the right thing, even at the expense of profits and success.

While we care deeply about delivering value to our clients, our first commitment is to be true to our values of global equality, serving others, transparency, and social justice. We would rather sacrifice the success of the business than compromise on our ethical, legal, and moral standards. We actively pursue and develop processes, practices, and policies that ensure we are always following those standards.

Global Equality

Advocate for justice and equality for the global community.

We desire to live in a world where people are treated equally and fairly, without discrimination based on where they were born. We believe that given equal opportunity, people will flourish. Our commitment is to identify areas of injustice and to use our economic and social influence to bring justice there.

Internal and External Transparency

Create accountability structures that verify our commitments.

Open reporting on our social commitments to our stakeholders gives them an opportunity to speak into our processes and policies, creating a valuable feedback loop that will only lead to further improvement in our social responsibility. Neutral third-party investigation into our company will create greater trust and accountability in our commitments. We believe when we are open and transparent, we will be more effective in following our principles and leave no room for abuses and loopholes.

Measurable Improvement

We are what we measure

To translate theory into practical action, we will measure, evaluate and publicly report our progress regularly. We believe that accurate measurement of how we are performing relative to our social commitment goals will create the internal incentive to adopt and take action on them.

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