While we view the client as the primary manager for our staff, giving them the actual tasks and priorities to work on, Twassistant takes a Co-Management role that increases the effectiveness of our clients’ management and encourages higher productivity. Our Co-Management takes place in three categories.


Hourly Logs

Staff are also required to log their hours each day, and provide a description of the work that they did. This information is then sent to the Twassistant management team each day and is accessible by the client online. This information can then be checked against the output of the staff member to encourage open communication about productivity and performance.


Our team is on call to provide the relational, educational, and technical support that your staff require. We can provide local phone numbers, email addresses, and other forms of communication. We can also recommend tools for chat, project management, video conferencing, and other use cases.

Twassistant also provides educational opportunities for our staff to grow in their skills and coaching for our staff to support their roles with our clients. The educational opportunities involve on-demand training in almost any area, including web design, online marketing, executive assistance, project management, graphic design, Excel, Word, and more.

Given our cross-cultural context, strong relationships are a necessity for bottom-line results. To read more about how we encourage strong relationships, read our Client-Staff Relationships page.


Twassistant wants our clients to start having productive relationships with their staff without any hassle, so we take care of all the logistical issues of international staff and freelancers. We have established legal relationships with all of our staff and have systems in place for making payments to almost any country in the world.

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