How It Works

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What happens after I sign up?

Your Needs

We work with you to understand your business and what type of staff members you need.

We Search

We find, interview, and screen potential candidates (typically we screen out 60 – 70 candidates per hire).

We Support

We help you with the cross-cultural and virtual management, providing ongoing HR support.

Your Work Gets Done.

What Kind of Staff Do You Need?

We can match you with a virtual assistant skilled in:
Administrative Assistance
Social Media or Digital Marketing Management
Graphic Design or Video Creation
Sales or Customer Service
Web Development
and more


Sign up for a monthly subscription plan that has the right number of hours for you. We will provide you with an approximate cost range during our consultation with you. Roles requiring more complex skills like digital marketing, graphic design and web development will have a higher hourly cost than less complex skills like administrative assistance and customer service.

Ready for a Consultation?

Book an appointment with one of our sales reps to discuss your needs and your budget.

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