Client-Staff Relationships


Strong personal relationships are a foundation for creating bottom-line results. This is especially true in a cross cultural context, where both parties may approach relationships and work in very different ways. That’s why we encourage and develop strong staff-client relationships in the following ways.

Strong Relationships

Since most of our staff are from cultures that value relationships very highly, a critical part of working culture is to have harmonious and friendly relationships with their co-workers. We encourage clients to not only have task-related discussions with the Twassistant staff member they have been assigned, but also get updates on family, hobbies, and everything in between.


A healthy culture of accountability between client and staff member is important. Have open and honest conversations about performance that are not hostile, but encourage growth and learning.

Cross-Cultural Education

Understanding each other is vital, so we encourage frequent conversations about culture, communication and expectations between the client and the staff member. Additionally, we have educational content for our clients to give them a better understanding of effective management techniques and relationship approaches for their cross-cultural team. This can be found on our blog and on our YouTube channel.

Maximizing Value Video Series

Take some time to watch our video series on how to maximize the value of your Twassistant staff member.

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