The Math of Using a Data Entry Assistant

If you deal with large amount of data, you know that working with that data can be time-consuming. In addition to the time that it takes to actually enter the data into your data management system, such as Excel, you also spend a lot of time processing and organizing that information to actually get good results out of it.

Mathematically, it makes a lot of sense to do data entry outsourcing for at least part of the data entry process. As a virtual assistant company, we’ve seen the difference that it can make to a company to start using the entire global labour market that’s available, rather than artifically restrict themselves to one region of the world.

If you’re employing a Canadian secretary at $18 per hour, and they’re spending 2 hours every day doing data entry work that could be outsourced, you’re spending $36 per day, or approximately $720 per month on data entry work.

By hiring a remote assistant company like Twassistant to do the work for you, you’ll be spending approximately $265 per month for the same amount of work. That means that over one year, you’ll save $5,460 for outsourcing one simple process. Your secretary will thank you because now they can work on the things they actually enjoy, and your bottom line will reflect the good decision that you made.

2 hours per day, Canadian =
$8,640 / year
2 hours per day, Twassistant =
$3,180 / year
Savings per Year:

The math makes sense. The ethics make sense. Using a remote assistant for data entry just makes sense.