What is remote assistance anyways?

If you’ve never heard of remote assistance before, we’ll go over the basic concepts here to get you up to speed. Essentially, remote assistance solves these problems you might have:

  1. Not having enough time to do everything that needs to be done
  2. Lacking specialized skills in certain business functions
  3. Not enjoying the work that you’re doing even though it’s necessary

So, what is a remote assistant? Start from the beginning.

A remote assistant is like any other employee that you might have locally. You work with them to delegate your workload, get things done, and focus on areas that you are not strong in. The difference is that they are not physically located in your office.

A remote assistant works from anywhere in the world. You’ll find a lot of remote assistants are based in India or the Philippines. They work from home and connect with you over the Internet, communicating using email, instant messaging, video chat, and many other ways of staying connected.

Your remote assistant will generally have an area of specialty. They may have skills in administration, email management, social media, programming, or writing. You can use those skills to support your business or even in your personal life.

How does remote assistance solve my problems?

When you hire a remote assistant, you’ll finally be able to delegate tasks that you either don’t enjoy, don’t have the skills to do, or don’t have enough time to do. Hiring a remote assistant means having someone else with you who can ease the workload. A remote assistant is there to help you in almost any area where you need help, including administrative assistance, online marketing, or programming & IT work.

I can’t afford another employee!

The beauty of remote assistance is that it is extremely cost effective at an average of $7 – $9 per hour. Hiring a local employee will cost you three or four times that amount. Remote assistance is very accessible for small to medium businesses, or even independent professionals who just want to take care of certain business functions that aren’t their core area of specialty.

In short, a remote assistant is someone who will lift the burden of work that you have, allowing you to stay focused and at the same time maintain a balanced lifestyle.