Faith Ciasico at Springfree Trampoline (Twassistant Story)

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Faith Ciasico was connected with Springfree Trampoline as a virtual assistant in September 2014 and has been working full-time with the Canadian head office ever since. Springfree Trampoline is the manufacturer and supplier of the world’s safest trampoline, founded in New Zealand in 2004.

Faith joined the sales team right out of the gate, performing market research and generating sales leads. Supervisors Joel and Brandon have appreciated her excellent English, timely communication, and consistency in meeting deadlines. “The data Faith generates is high quality, and we’re getting consistent and valuable returns for the time spent. In cases where she was given a task with no prior knowledge, she has quickly and independently learned what is needed to complete it.” says Joel.

“To us, the biggest value of working with Faith long-term is that we have gotten to know who we’re working with, her strengths and weaknesses,” says Brandon. “If it was just two weeks, you might get what you were looking for, but going longer term with the same person, you can count on it.”

Faith’s work with Springfree is a case in point of two keys that we have found in building successful virtual relationships: 1) finding great people, and 2) working with them long-term. In conversation with existing clients and HR experts, we have been incorporating these findings into our virtual assistance model.

First, a month-long internal screening and training period was developed for all candidates that includes testing for key characteristics like resourcefulness, communication, productivity, and reliability–along with any other specific competencies requested by the client. From there, clients are also being coached in employee engagement best practises, and HR support is being provided in addition to infrastructure for communication and payment. Staff like Faith are coming on board with an exceptional ability to understand and engage with individuals and businesses long-term.

If you’re planning to do some hiring in 2015, get in touch with us. We’ll work with you to determine how a virtual staff member could fit into your team. Email or call 1(866)960-9676 to get started.