6 Ways to Use Remote Assistants for Online Marketing

While the “Four Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferriss made virtual assistant services popular in the mainstream business community, there is actually an entire economy of labour that can be tapped into internationally, beyond the usual scope of “virtual assistants”. For example, many companies find that they spend a lot of energy marketing their company online, when they would prefer to focus that energy on improving their services and serving their customers. It’s possible to hire a remote assistant company like Twassistant to take care of all of the aspects of online marketing for you.

Hiring a remote assistance company like Twassistant is like hiring a Twitter marketing company, SEO services, web designers, graphic designers, and writers all at once. You don’t have to Google for “Hire SEO Services”, because all of the talent that you need is found in one place.

Your remote assistant can:

1) Design your website. Hire a web designer to make you a custom-designed website that doesn’t look like all of the other stock websites out there.

2) Do the data entry. When you set up an e-commerce website, it takes a long time to input all of your products properly. Your data entry assistant can take care of all of the details for you.

3) Create the graphics. Don’t have custom-made photos to put on your website? Get your graphic design assistant to create graphical representation of difficult concepts, so that communicating your services to your potential customers gets a lot easier.

4) Write articles and blog posts. Maintaining an updated website requires a lot of effort and consistency. By hiring a writer, they will follow your content creation calendar, so that not only are you constantly providing valuable information to your audience, you’re also filling in any gaps for niche markets, for better SEO rankings.

5) Increase search engine rankings. SEO Services is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to get more traffic to your website that is ready to purchase.

6) Manage social media. The best use of social media is: Twitter, 20 tweets per day; Facebook, 1 post per day; LinkedIn, 1 post per day; Pinterest, 2 photos per day. Consistency is vital for this, and hiring a social media assistant is great way to stay consistent.

If you’re thinking about better, more efficient ways to do online marketing, remote assistants are a good option for you.