Insights of a Virtual Team Member


Shahedur, or “Rishat” as I call him, has been with us for about 4 months. He has become a versatile employee and an invaluable colleague of mine. Clients have given great feedback about him and we are glad to have him on the team. His particular expertise spans the functions of sales, recruitment and customer service. I recently had the chance to speak with him to get to know him a little better. So without further ado, take it away Shahedur!

Can you give us a little bit of a background about yourself?

I completed my bachelor degree from Heriot-Watt University, UK. I also have a post-graduate diploma in HRM. I have two majors (Accounting & HR) in my bachelor degree. Previously, I worked for a multinational company named “REVE Systems” as a Sales Coordinator for 1 year. I also worked more than 1 year for AmiableTech Solutions as an HR Recruiter. Besides these, I worked lots of part-time in my country as an Administrative Officer. I would like to move forward with the freelancing industry as it gives me different types of skills and experiences. 

Speaking of different types of skills and experiences, what are your current roles?

I perform in a few positions at Twassistant. I worked with HR and also as an executive assistant for the CEO of Twassistant. Right now I am also working as a Staff Accountant in a Canadian Cancer Clinic.

You mentioned freelancing, what inspired you to go down this direction for your career?

I really like working virtually as I can utilize my skills and experience effectively. I can save transportation time if I work virtually from home. For this reason, I have more time for my family and for further studies.

Obviously every job has unique challenges. What were some challenges working as a virtual team member?

There is one challenge I always seemed to face when working with clients. Sometimes the client couldn’t express what they need or I failed to understand their needs. Solution: I always use Notepad while discussing new tasks with my employer. I note the specific requirements, important keywords and exact client expectations. It always helps me remember my target while performing the new task.

Great! In addition to keeping notes on client requests, what other tips would you have for working in a virtual team environment?

Improving virtual teamwork directly impacts the company’s goal. Virtual teamwork keeps employees connected and engaged. This allows them to be more productive. I think we should always be connected with each other during the work hours and, if we need to, share our thoughts and feelings. It can be work-related or personal. This will help to increase the bonding between team members and also make the team stronger. I don’t have any specific advice for others but I will just mention one thing: though we are not in same place, we can still maintain very close relationships whether we’re in Bangladesh, Philippines or India.

You mentioned your home, Bangladesh, can you tell us a little bit more about where you’re from?

Sure! Peoples Republic of Bangladesh is a small country in south Asia and is surrounded by India to its west, north and east; Burma to its southeast. It is the world’s eighth most populous country with over 160 million people. Bangladesh gained its independence from Pakistan in 1971. Since independence, Bangladesh has achieved significant strides in human and social development like gender equity, universal primary education, food production, health and population control etc.

These are some must-see places in Bangladesh:

  1. Sundarban-Largest mangrove forest in the world and world heritage.
  2. Cox’s Bazaar- Longest continuous sea beach in the world (120 Km)
  3. Bandarban
  4. Sylhet

Lovely! I haven’t been to Bangladesh, but I will keep that in mind. Lastly, Shahedur, what would you say is important to understand about working with Bangladeshi team members?

I think it is not tough to cope with any Bangladeshi worker. They are friendly. But one thing I would like to mention here: more than 95% of workers from Bangladesh like to be encouraged. When employers encourage Bangladeshi employees, the employee will try their best to make the employer happy.

Ok that wraps it up. Thanks for your time! The insights you’ve provided were definitely eye-opening and informative. To those reading, what are some questions that you have for Shahedur? Leave them in the comments below!