7 Reasons to Hire Remote Assistants

“The World is Flat.”

Thomas Friedman made that groundbreaking statement in his book by the same name. He makes the point that “the global competitive playing field is being leveled.”

People from all over the world can now collaborate on all kinds of projects. Never before, in the history of mankind, has there been such a capability to work across borders. The ability to hire remote assistants is a benefit that past generations just didn’t have.

Why Should You Hire a Remote Assistant?

We have 7 reasons for you right here.

1)      Cost Effective

Hiring another employee can mean high costs, not only in salary, but employee benefits as well. Hiring a remote assistant is a way to avoid all the overhead of an additional employee and still get the work done. As well, if you’re hiring a remote assistant from another country, their local wages will translate into a lower cost for you, so you’ll be saving money there as well.

2)      Flexible

You can hire a remote assistant to take on many different challenges in your business, and multi-task to get them all done. This is perfect for a small business or start-up, where there are lots of smaller things to get done. Your assistant can be taking your incoming customer service requests, helping you research new leads, managing your emails, and setting up appointments for you.

3)      Different Perspective

Hiring remote assistants can bring a different perspective into your business. A great benefit of being able to “go global” is to learn from one another. You could just discover methods that work far better than what you are used to doing.

4)      Office Free

Remote assistants require no physical space, freeing you from having to provide an office. If you have dreamed of going mobile, working from the beach, café, or wherever you get a WIFI signal, this is the way to go. Your remote employee can work from their location, giving you more freedom with yours!

5)      A Larger Talent Pool

Being able to choose a remote assistant from anywhere broadens your choices when it comes to talent and skill.  You are far more likely to find someone with the skills you are looking for in this broader pool than you would say, within your current city.

6)      Free Yourself

When there is so much to do and only so little time, recruiting some part-time help can be invaluable. Remote assistants can focus on the tasks that are tedious or difficult for you to do, so you can focus on the larger jobs.
Why struggle through difficulties that are not aligned with your skillset?
It’s not just about your business.  Are you ready to get in shape, take up a hobby, or go on a trip? By hiring a remote assistant, you can experience more “me time” too.

7)      Be Happy

The best part about hiring a remote assistant is letting go of being overwhelmed for a more balanced and happy life!

When your brain is no longer swirling with all the minute details, you can enjoy your life and business more. That peace of mind is worth every penny.