32 Killer Questions to Perfect Your IT Job Descriptions

It’s an exciting time in the business. Your recent growth has meant you have a need to hire several new developers, so you’re sitting down with your HR manager to write the job descriptions for the IT positions. We’ve identified a list of great questions that you can ask yourself about the position that will help you to craft a job description that communicates clearly about responsibilities, attracts top talent, and ensures the person you hire is the right fit for your team.

The Basics

  1. Is this a permanent or contract position?
  2. What is the salary range?
  3. Can the work be completed virtually, or do they need to come to the office?
  4. When does the position needed to be filled by?
  5. What is the job title?

Cultural Fit

  1. What is most attractive about our company culture?
  2. What makes our culture unique?
  3. How does our culture compare with the culture of our competitors?
  4. What are the benefits we offer our employees? (for example, 20% of employee time can be spent on projects of their own choosing)
  5. What are their working hours?
  6. Who will they be reporting to, and what is that person’s management style?

Skills & Qualifications

  1. How many years of experience should they have?
  2. What certifications are required?
  3. Should they have a university degree? What level?
  4. Do they need to be familiar with specific technologies?
  5. Will they need to practically demonstrate their expertise with code samples or test projects?
  6. What level of responsibility should have they had in past positions?
  7. What methodologies should they follow or have experience in?
  8. Should they have experience in a specific industry?
  9. For all of the above questions, are they required or just ‘nice-to-haves’?
  10. If an attractive candidate is missing some qualifications, are you willing to train them?
  11. Are you looking primarily for competence or character?


  1. Which part of the IT department will this person be working in?
  2. Will the person have responsibility for a team of people?
  3. What are the measurements of success for this position?
  4. Will they need to interact with other departments in the company?
  5. Do they need to present and persuade others on a course of action?
  6. Is this a senior, junior, or entry-level position?
  7. What are the most difficult parts of this position?
  8. Will this role require any travelling?
  9. Will there be regular ongoing responsibilities, or is it project-based?
  10. Are there bonuses or commission for hitting certain targets?